Now and Then by Sue Llewellyn

Santa Fe, NM  - From solo exhibitions to album covers to newspapers and magazines, international acclaimed illustrator Sue Llewellyn has found home in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Her amazing illustrations have appeared in Town and Country, Playboy, Vogue, Texas Monthly, The New York Times, and Horchow just to name a few. 


“Fine illustration is a lost art,” said Llewellyn, “today computer graphic artists are using software to create illustrations rather than pencil, pen and ink.”  Her illustrations are of such fine detail that they may appear to be computer generated to the untrained eye.  They are truly works of art.


After a career as an Illustrator that has spanned  5 decades, Llewellyn is no longer able to physically create the 
fine-illustrations she was known for but her desire to continue to create art has never lessened.  “I now find myself creating much smaller and whimsical illustrations that share much more of my own personality.”


There are only 5 of her large paintings that remain for collectors to acquire and all 5 will be on display at the Susan Eddings Pérez Gallery, 717 Canyon Road, beginning Friday, February 10th and continuing thru mid-March.  “We are so honored to have the opportunity to share Sue’s final 5 with the art community,” said gallery owner and artist Susan Eddings Pérez. “Amazing cannot even begin to describe the composition and detail of these pieces.”  The largest illustration is 80 inches by 53 inches.


This exhibition is titled Now and Then and will showcase not only her 5 large fine-illustrations but also her current whimsical illustrations.  The gallery will host an Artist Reception for Llewellyn on Friday, February 10th from 5-8pm and the public is invited.

Pre-exhibition showing appointments are available by contacting the gallery at 505.477.4278.





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