Susan is an award-winning interior designer and artist based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her work can
be found internationally in corporate installations as well as private residential collections. As an interior designer, she recognizes the impact
large-scale art can have on a space and has a passion for working with clients to create custom pieces. While each piece is signed and titled on the back, a subtle plaster square is incorporated into her art and serves as her signature.

Susan is happiest when she is spending time with her “mutt-ley” crew of studio dogs in her century-old carriage house that she converted into her personal art space.

ARTist statement

Susan’s art is a reflection of her love of texture. It is sometimes intricate and delicate, while other times it is vibrant with defined layers. The buildup of materials not only adds visual interest and depth, but ultimately helps shape the piece as the voids dictate and capture the flow of paint.


the process

Susan creates multimedia art with a combination of plaster, acrylics, ink, and her signature metallic leaf applied on board. Some pieces also have a resin finish, while others she leaves raw.